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Eloise Berry, Head of Operations and HR at Khaadi international, speaks about the brands growing success and its Leicester store.

Khaadi opened its store in Leicester’s Highcross shopping centre just one year ago. With a fusion of East meets West at the root of its heritage, the brand prides itself on being a global shopping destination. Khaadi, which means ‘hand-woven’, was an idea that started 18 years ago in Pakistan by Shamoon Sultan. He had fallen in love with the art of textiles, especially those that were handmade, but soon realised the craft had become a dying trend in fashion. Today, Khaadi sells hand-crafted items of clothing for men, women and children, as well as unique accessories for the home.

From the brands humble beginnings, Khaadi now boasts stores across the globe in Pakistan, UK, Malaysia and the Middle East, as well as selling online and delivering to various destinations around the world. Choosing the right store location is fundamental to Khaadi’s success. Eloise Berry, who has been with the company for three years and works at the head office in Dubai, explains the decision to open up a store in Leicester: “We’re in a great position in the Highcross and there’s a real diversity of nationalities and ethnicities within Leicester.”

Photo Credit: Pukaar News
Photo Credit: Pukaar News

With its traditional roots, it was interesting to find out why the brand had positioned itself in the Highcross as opposed to somewhere like Leicester’s famous Golden Mile:  “It’s a different shopping experience. Whilst we’ve got a Pakistani heritage, we’re an international brand who provides clothes for women of all different backgrounds and different fashion tastes. The Eastern range, which is the more traditional, includes pieces such as the Kurta and then we have the Western collection which is very contemporary and on par with your Monsoon style of clothing.”

Each of Khaadi’s materials are sourced, designed and made in-house in Pakistan. Eloise explains that parts of the Western range are sourced elsewhere but, when this is the case, they are all designed by Khaadi and quality controlled by them also. Each store is home to a range of different products to suit the target audience, for example, the Leicester store only stocks items for women and the home.

Photo Credit: Pukaar News
Photo Credit: Pukaar News

Since operating in the UK, Khaadi has attracted custom from over 180 nationalities and around 50-60 in the Midlands region. It’s certainly no surprise, as each of its stores boasts a contemporary mix of traditional and modern interiors, the beautiful bright colours of Khaadi’s products standing out against wood and stone: “When you walk into the store the atmosphere that we try to create is a natural, relaxing and homely environment. The stores are colourful, fun, exciting and unique.”

With Christmas fast approaching, Khaadi offers the perfect shopping destination. Eloise shares some gift inspiration: “We were open here last Christmas and from the other stores in the UK, people are buying presents all the time, the perfect gifts would be from our winter clothing collection, and also the homeware range, including our bedding and cushion covers.”

By Jessica Challoner-Sterland

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