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Comedian Rob Gee was recently announced as Patron for mental health charity, LAMP. Here he talks to Pukaar about what the role means to him.

Some of you may already be familiar with comedian Rob Gee but what you may not know is that he also has a wealth of experience and interest in working with a variety of NHS services.

“I first moved to Leicester in 1991 to start psychiatric nurse training and LAMP has been around since then. I’m pleased to say that at least one of us has gone from strength to strength in developing as an organisation and working to reduce the stigma associated with mental ill health.”

His admiration for the charity along with training-based workshops for healthcare staff and other workshops for mental health service users, puts him in perfect standing for the role of Patron for LAMP.

“I’m delighted and very flattered to be asked to be their patron. LAMP have always been at the forefront of the drive to reduce stigma in mental health and their advocacy work is becoming increasingly necessary in times of disability cuts, overstretched mental health services and economic uncertainty.”

Picture credit: Pukaar News

Rob is only the second Patron for the charity replacing Drew Sullivan, former Great Britain Basketball captain and former, retired Leicester Riders captain.

LAMP who have over 28 years’ experience, work to promote good mental health in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland made the announcement at an event late last year at Attenborough Arts Centre to mark the occasion

The comedian who regularly appears on BBC Radio and has performed at a variety of events around the world including Glastonbury Festival, The Sydney International Poetry Festival and Edinburgh Fringe feels completely at home on stage and in the spotlight.

He uses a heady combination of poetry, comedy, storytelling and theatre to explore the world of chaos and adventure that lurks behind the veneer of everyday life.

As Patron, Rob will be able to support the charity in several ways by using his well-known name, comedy, poetry, creative writing and wit to bring more support and spread the awareness of the charity and what they are striving to do.

“When psychiatric illness takes over, we need people like LAMP to speak on our behalf, educate those around us and help us find our way through the services. In supporting LAMP, I hope to be a greater part of this process.”


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