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A Thank You – Staying Positive

What a strange time this is. Life has a way of throwing us curve balls but rarely does it throw one that affects us all so greatly. But that is the key thing to remember during all of this—”all of us”. 

Every single one of us is being affected by this in some way, whether it’s self-isolation, working from home, or concern over the health of our loved ones or ourselves. So let us keep in mind our friends, neighbours, and fellow citizens during this period. 

One group of people that I wish to highlight today is our public service personnel. The emergency services are still running in the wake of all of this, and we should all be eternally grateful. NHS staff are risking their own safety to keep hospitals open and running to the best of their ability; police officers are out keeping us as safe as possible, the fire service are on standby as per usual, ready to help, and now the British Army is being deployed to provide support. These jobs are often thankless ones, and we should all take a moment to recognise the amazing dedication of the caring people in these roles. 

Another group that also requires recognition is all of those people in media roles that continue to report and bring us the news. Information is power, and there is only one group that can provide us with this power. They work tirelessly to keep us informed of government briefings, new advice, and generally keeping us up-to-date with the rest of the world.

We should extend our thoughts to all of those people who are working because they have no other choice. Those working for minimum wage in retail and service roles who would struggle to pay their rent if they stayed in the safety of their own home. 

Thank you also to our Prime Minister and the 10 Downing Street staff for their continued hard work during this stressful period. 

We must remain vigilant in these troubling times. Our positivity can only be a good thing, so be kind to others, look after your loved ones, and try to stay healthy, happy and fulfilled. 

Best wishes,

Romail Gulzar

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