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An Adventure in Style at John Lewis

Whether you need outfit inspiration or a full wardrobe refresh, Personal Stylists at John Lewis are there to help, as our editor Louise Steel found out, when she was invited to try out their free complimentary service…

When I arrive for my appointment on a pleasant Monday afternoon, I am greeted by a friendly fashionista called Karen and the offer of a free Prosecco. Of course I take it dutifully (I am here to experience the full personal styling experience after all, and this is part of it apparently).

Karen puts me at ease immediately, and we begin talking about my style likes and dislikes. She also wants to know what I want to get out of our two hour appointment.

When it comes to fashion, I’ve always played it a bit safe – sensible has always been my middle name I explain, but
I’m looking to shake things up for the upcoming party season.

With several events on the horizon, it would be great to get some glamour in my life and stand out for a change instead of blending into the background. Of course I want to keep my outfit classy, but I want it to have the ‘wow factor’ I add.

Karen disappears for a few moments and returns with a selection of dresses from the store. One stands out immediately and it definitely meets the brief – a stunning ‘Egyptian Blue’ number, which wouldn’t look out of place on Princess Kate! (someone whose style I have always admired).

I try it on in the store’s luxurious styling suite, and love what I see in the mirror. This dress is perfect; classy, flattering and eye-catching.

Karen tells me I look great – the colour “really suits me” and I immediately feel like a million dollars.

She grabs a few choice accessories which compliment it perfectly and give me that sparkle I crave. Amazing…

Also hanging on Karen’s rail, is an elegant, metallic dress, which comes complete with a neat little jumper.

Although it’s not something I’d have selected for myself personally, I’m attracted to the classy brown ensemble and keen to try it on for size.

This appointment is an opportunity to come out of my comfort zone after all – an adventure in style which I am keen to embrace.

Karen is my extremely capable tour guide – someone with her finger well and truly on the pulse of fashion. It’s a pleasure to be in her company, and nothing is too much trouble for this experienced fashionista…

“Tweed is going to be a big trend this Autumn,” she tells me and as a fan of the fabric, it’s something I am pleased to hear. “As for colours, we’re going to see a lot of black and white, as well as shades of green.”

“Green is a colour I’ve never really worn before. I don’t really think it suits me,” I confide.

However, Karen is keen to convince me otherwise…

She produces a striking ensemble which immediately captures my attention – especially the long pleated skirt, which is a real statement piece.

The look is tied together with a luxurious suede jacket, in the most gorgeous shade of ‘Emerald Green’.

I try it on and am impressed with the way it looks, but more importantly, the way that I feel wearing it; fashionable and stylish – mature and put together. I feel good – confident and proud.

Karen seems proud too as she stands back and admires her handiwork. This is the work of a true artist – a look which is put together by someone with great skill and an eye for style.

I congratulate her on her choices, and find myself grinning from ear to ear as we take a few pictures to capture the moment. I can tell that Karen enjoys her job and takes great pride in the service she provides – helping people to feel good through her unique passion for fashion.

There is no obligation to buy anything following the session I am pleased to hear, although if I had the cash, I’d probably buy most of the items she had selected without a second thought.

Before I know it, two hours have flown by and it’s also time for me and Karen to part ways. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I’ve enjoyed every minute of playing dress up with her at my side.

She is one of four stylists who are available to book at John Lewis, Leicester through their tailored online booking system.

It’s well worth booking in for this service for the pleasant and extremely therapeutic experience alone. I walked away with a warm, happy glow, a head full of ideas (and as a nice little bonus), a gift bag full of high end perfume and beauty samples!

What’s not to love?

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