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An Aromatic Adventure with Priti Raichura & John Lewis

When it comes to your wedding, no stone should be left unturned in the pursuit of perfection – creating a special day, with memories to treasure for a lifetime…

Photographs can capture a wedding aesthetic, and the right song can instantly transport you back to that all important first dance… However, nothing evokes a memory or a moment in time quite like a scent – a special perfume or cologne which conjures romance, nostalgia and the sweet joy of wedded bliss.

Picture: Pukaar

“The link between fragrances and memory is powerful, so it shouldn’t be overlooked on your wedding day,” explains Priti, who took a tour of John Lewis’ extensive perfume department for some sweet smelling inspiration.

Scents can relate so much to the emotion of the day, so it’s important to find the right one…

Knowledgeable members of staff were on hand to guide Priti through some of the store’s most popular selections…

First up was John Lewis’ exclusive ‘Parfums de Marly’ range (above) which offers a range of delectable scents for both men and women.

“The bottles are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for photoshoots,” points out Priti, while admiring the women’s range.

“I could imagine them sitting on a bride’s dressing table while she’s having her hair and make-up done, or trying on her dress in a pretty boudoir.”

As for the scents themselves, she is drawn to ‘The Valaya’, which is described as an ‘elegant floral-musky-woody fragrance’. It’s one of the store’s best sellers.

“It’s definitely a scent which will turn heads and have people asking what it is you’ve got on,” said Priti. “When you’re a bride, you can expect to be hugging a lot of guests on the day, so expect a lot of compliments if you’re wearing this!”

On the Dior counter Priti meets Siobhan, who introduces her to ‘Miss Dior Eau de Parfum’ – the brand’s most popular perfume for brides.

Again, the bottle is pretty and there is a sweet romance about it. The scent itself is embroidered with fresh Lily-of-the-Valley notes, Peony and ‘Sweet Love Rose’

“The rose is picked from the Dior gardens. We have various gardens around the world,” explains Siobhan. This charming detail is enough to make anyone fall in love…

On the Chanel counter, Chelsea sites ‘Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum’ as one of the most popular fragrances for brides to reach for ahead of their big day.

“Chance’ is a sweet option – it’s our most floral perfume – quite girly – quite feminine and very pretty,” she said. “A lot of ladies really enjoy that.”

When Priti visits the store’s Guerlain range, she finds a scent which is right up her street – ‘a definite favourite’, she declares.

It’s an Oud called ‘Santal Royal’, which is a woody, ambery fragrance ‘illuminated with rose’.

“The bonus of this one, is that it is unisex, meaning that the bride and groom can share their own special fragrance on their wedding day,” Priti enthuses.

If you can find a scent that you both agree on, that becomes special to your day, I think that’s really nice.

“Many brides (and grooms) may decide to buy a new fragrance for their wedding in order to set the day apart and make it completely unlike any other day – a scent which they associate with that day and that day alone,” she points out.

“I would suggest maybe shopping together for a scent that both parties agrees on?”

When it comes to irresistible scents for the groom, the men’s exclusive ‘Parfums de Marly’ range is a hugely popular treat within the John Lewis store.

However, Laurie points her towards ‘Sedley’, which has base notes of Incense, Sandalwood, White Musk and Cedarwood. “It’s my personal favourite,” she says.

“On a summer’s day it’s really fresh. It’s also really light so not too overpowering for a groom when he’s greeting his guests. However, it does mean that you have to spray a bit more of it.”

Other best selling colognes at John Lewis include, ‘Bleu de Chanel’ – a warm, spicy number and Dior’s ‘Sauvage Elixir’, which has bergamot, plus notes of liquorice and grapefruit running throughout.

Priti is a big fan of both.

“You can’t underestimate the power of a nice smelling man,” she tells Pukaar.

“When it comes to shopping for their big day, men can sometimes be a little more last minute, but I think it’s nice when a groom takes pride in the scent that he’s going to wear on his wedding day, and the way he’s going to dress. If he can just concentrate on those two things and leave the rest to the bride, I think she’ll be impressed!”

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