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Senior Partner Rafique Patel at Bond Adams and former partner of Harvey Ingram Owston, talks about the organic growth of the firm in a highly competitive sector.

Photo Credit: Pukaar News

When I left Harvey Ingram, I started with the right tools and had a solid financial structure. I moved with an excellent reputation haven risen from solicitor up to partner and Head of Regulatory at the leading law firm in Leicestershire and regional heavyweight. Family members are senior lawyers and it was a perfect start.

I only intended to provide litigation services but as clients wanted different services, I was hired to work in other areas. The challenge comes with supervision of one of the highest risk sectors that exists.

Being a litigator with over 10 years’ experience, I could see things way in advance and that helped and having excellent staff and experienced supervision was key.

We then added more staff, departments, clients, which led to internal growth. Some long-established firms have had to merge to carve out an edge, some have had to buy law firms.

For us, what has worked is driving performance by never sitting still. Those that want to stay the same each year are not the right fit for our firm. Bond Adams is for people to put their talents into motion and increase performance each year which in turn gives them a better life. We also recently moved into a substantial building which has cemented our position.

The future? 

To continue to carve out opportunities for staff to grow and develop which makes us also grow and develop. Offer a place for talented people to work together to create a formidable law firm which will continue to grow and focus on excellent client service.

10 years on 

From starting to supply only litigation services, to now being a full-service law firm with clients across the world including the US, Africa, India and the UAE. Property and litigation is still our key area but continuing to deliver a full range of services, is what drives everyone at the firm.