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Crimestoppers ~ Working with the community in Leicester

At Crimestoppers we believe everyone has the same desire to live and work in a safe and secure environment and we recognise, whether as a business or an individual, that crime and anti-social behaviour can have a profound impact on those who are affected by it.

Since 1988 the Crimestoppers Trust charity has been committed to working with communities to help solve crime. Between April last year and the end of March this year in Leicestershire and Rutland, the charity received 1,518 (up six per cent) pieces of actionable information resulting in 124 people being arrested and charged. Of these, over 50 were arrested and charged in relation to drug offences, 11 arrested and charged for burglary, ten were arrested and charged for Wanted persons and fugitives and two were arrested and charged for murder.

Sue Langley is the Regional Manager here in the East Midlands, promoting the charity and the difference it makes by receiving information from people in the region.

For the next year, Sue and her team of volunteers will be focusing on several projects in Leicester and Leicestershire and she is asking people like you to contact her to explore how they can help.

Sue knows that actively involving the community in getting the message out that the service is anonymous is vital.

Under the banner ‘tell us what you know, not who you are,’ the charity hopes to encourage those who may not want to reveal their identity but know about crime and criminality in their community to come forward with information.

Sue said: “It is important people realise that as an independent charity, any information they give to us could make a difference. No police will call, they will not have to go to court or make a statement and contacting us may entitle them to a cash reward.”

The charity also recognises the important role businesses can play in their communities. Crimestoppers activity can dovetail with the objectives of your business strategy to increases profit, decrease loss, encourage new customers to buy from you and support employees.  In addition, working with the charity can enhance the corporate reputation of a business, both internally and externally. Many national regional and local companies realise the advantage of linking with the charity and have found it is an effective part of their corporate social responsibility strategy (CSR).

Crimestoppers volunteers have a huge impact in the region, its plans for the future to reduce specific crime types and linking with local people in its work. Importantly much of the success has been, and will continue  to be, achieved by linking with business reciprocally.

Using practical examples, the charity can illustrate the value of being in partnership, drawing upon ideas and expertise to reduce crime both within businesses and communities, in which they exist.

To find out more information and how you can get involved please contact Sue Langley via email or visit


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