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How about Marrying in Italy? Let me Convince You…

Italy is known for its pasta, pizza, wine, and romance. One of the great cultural Meccas of Europe, this lovely nation has long been a darling of art, culinary, and history enthusiasts. With all of this in mind, it’s pretty simple to understand why couples are choosing to have their destination weddings in Italy.

For some, getting married abroad may seem like an overwhelming job. We understand that planning travel, lodging, and moving clothes for the big day can be stressful. But once you’re in front of the breath-taking scenery that will serve as your wedding backdrop, all of your worries will disappear. There are many Italian wedding locations that can provide you with this as we witnessed on our recent visit to Italy.

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I recently had the pleasure of travelling to Italy with Mini and my event director. We were looking at some incredibly gorgeous places when we came up with a list of the benefits of getting married in Italy.

For your celebration, Italy has several beautiful sites to choose from. Along with communities full of history, culture, and the arts, there are also breathtaking mountains, picturesque lakes, and charming beach settings.

There are several options available in Italy for a city wedding venue. You can arrive in a gondola and host your reception on a private island in Venice, known as the “city of love.” As the birthplace of the Renaissance and one of the most stunning towns still in existence, Florence is the ideal destination for art enthusiasts. Roma is love spelt backwards, so you could always go there instead.

The lakes of Lake Como and Lake Garda usually serve as wonderful locations for wedding photographs in Italy, where lake weddings are a popular choice. Additionally, beach wedding hopefuls enjoy the Amalfi coast.

Italian cuisine is well known. We are all aware with the mouth- watering flavours of the Bel Paese, and we can completely get why it is a major attraction for nearly weds thinking of being married in Italy.

While Italian food is a favourite of ours in the UK, nothing comes close to the cuisine in Italy. Italian cuisine’s brilliance rests in its ability to take basic ingredients and create a dinner fit for kings. You can expect everything from fresh seafood to homemade pasta, as well as lemons and olives picked from surrounding trees.

Italy’s boot-shaped length is covered in vineyards that cultivate more than 300 different grape varieties and some of the most well-known wines in the world. Prosecco will set the mood for the evening, followed by vintages from the scenic location you’ve chosen for your wedding.

Another choice is to exchange vows in one of the several Italian vineyard wedding locations, many of which can be found in Tuscany. Why not turn your thoughts of getting married amid a vineyard bathed in sunlight and enjoying exquisite Italian wine into a reality?

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A UK wedding date selection can always be a risky endeavour. In the UK, summer showers are always a possibility, but from May to October, the weather in Italy is almost always ideal. The sun should be shining in the south if you want a spring or an autumn wedding, while the north is warm without being oppressively so if you want a midsummer wedding.

Italy has about 5,000 kilometres of coastline, so there are plenty of stunning beaches there. Civil ceremonies are increasingly being held on the sand in local communities. Many are symbolic weddings, but our links to local wedding experts helps us to identify locations where you can exchange vows by the water and have that legal binding ceremony.

The perceived cost is one factor that deters many couples from organising a destination wedding. After all, you will
be responsible for covering the standard wedding expenses as well as travel and lodging. However, there are numerous strategies to reduce expenses and allowing us to help plan and design your wedding is definitely a bonus.

Italy is actually only a short distance from the UK, and numerous low-cost airlines provide incredibly cheap flights to major Italian cities from major UK airports like Manchester or London.

Still not convinced?

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