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Leicester Hospitals Charity: Improving cancer services for the region

Over the past two decades, many new cancer treatments have been developed, delivered through immunotherapy and chemotherapy. This is excellent news for cancer patients living in Leicestershire, but this has led to a situation where the Leicester Royal Infirmary need more space to treat more patients. People, unfortunately, are waiting longer for their treatment, and the delays can impact their quality of life.

Leicester Hospitals Charity is currently raising money to transform the chemotherapy suite by creating space on an unused balcony to become a new treatment area. This will increase the number of chemotherapy treatment chairs by six and will mean almost 4,000 additional treatments can be provided each year.

A chance for Jon

Just before Christmas 2020 Jon received the news that he had lung cancer.  As a regular patient to the chemotherapy suite; Jon sees the urgent need to increase the space and treatment to help more people fight cancer.  

“As I approached the doors to the chemotherapy suite for the first time, I felt my stomach churn with nerves. On entering, I saw a long row of chemotherapy chairs. Seeing how many patients were sitting in those chairs and how many more were outside in the waiting room, frightened me to my very core. There didn’t seem enough chairs for everybody.

“The chemotherapy suite became a pillar of support for me. I liked sitting behind reception in a place called The Square. There, the chairs face each other making it easier for you to bond. Over time, I got to know the staff and other patients better. We shared our experiences, fears and questions and this boosted morale.

“Opposite The Square is the bell which everyone hopes to ring one day. The bell ringing signifies that a patient’s treatment has come to an end and has worked. I have seen a few patients have that opportunity. At that moment, when the bell rings, there is so much joy. Everyone claps and cheers. When a patient rings that bell, it is a win for all of us.”

One in two of us will get cancer at some point in our lives, so please give a gift today to support Leicester Hospitals Charity to reach the target of £700,000 to help make more treatments available for the people of Leicestershire.

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