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Make Space on your Special Day

Wedding Guru, Priti Raichura shares some ideas of how to schedule some personal time on your wedding day for you and your partner.

Looping in your wedding planner is a terrific way to squeeze in some alone time and enjoy peaceful moments on your wedding day. Throughout the celebration, your planner can assist you in fitting in a few moments to rekindle your relationship.

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The couple can also spend an exclusive cocktail hour together after the ceremony by scheduling a private first look or taking private pictures. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the couple to cherish their relationship, take a break, and spend time together.

While some brides and grooms may find this surprising, some couples experience anxiety at the notion of being the centre of attention on their wedding day. If you’re one of them, have a plan. Avoid having a large wedding if crowds make you anxious.

Keep things manageable and arrange time to relax, take a break, and breathe.

When the moment is appropriate, your wedding planner can take you aside and include this into the schedule. Whether you want the spotlight on your wedding or not, the day should be enjoyable.

Find some peaceful time to spend with your photographer. Even when surrounded by a group of friendly faces, everyone feels exposed while in a crowd. Make sure your photographer is aware of your feelings and vulnerabilities before the

event by working closely with them. In order to sneak you and your significant other away for some quiet time under the pretence that they need additional photo opportunities, your photographer can assist you in carving out lots of quiet moments throughout the day. Your photographer can be your best friend in this situation, even if you just need a break.

Even though it’s one of the finest days of your life, your wedding might occasionally include awkward or awkward- feeling moments for couples who are more reserved and introverted. First impressions are a fantastic method to release the pressure of having “all eyes on you.” You’ll have time for yourself so that you can really appreciate the moment.

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Consider a private last dance! This is my favourite opportunity to grab some extra time for the couple. After all of the guests have left, sneak back inside and ask that your DJ stick around for just one last song. you can slow dance quietly after all of the excitement of the day and you can truly enjoy the final moments of your wedding day in quiet peacefulness.

An introverted couple should plan breaks in their day for just the two of them. Take 10 minutes after the ceremony to walk around together during sunset, to have a drink together in privacy — whatever you choose, it should be built into the schedule. Many venues have a private space to do this, but

if they don’t, ask them how they can accommodate some privacy for you to take breaks as needed.

If you choose to opt out of a first dance, parent dances, or speeches, build in activities for guests in those moments instead.

Everything from lawn games and photo booths to a picture scavenger hunt or piñata are fair game! It’s your wedding, so incorporating fun moments in which guests are focused on the activity rather than the couple can make you feel more at ease.

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