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I was delighted to host an awards evening in May, supported by Pukaar News. We recognised officers, staff and the public who had shown outstanding examples of bravery, service and commitment to the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in 2022. It is always humbling to see so many people who selflessly serve our communities and remind us of all the good work we do.

My focus as Chief is on standards and the service we give to the public. Demand on policing is very high at the moment. The complexity and volume of the issues we are dealing with is growing, and we aim to further prioritise where policing makes a difference, reaffirming our core purpose to protect life and property, preserve order, prevent crime and bring offenders to justice.

You may have seen recently the police nationally made a commitment to attend every single burglary and also there is work to re-focus response to mental health incidents. I am pleased to say we were already attending every house burglary and that will continue. We are assessing the ‘Right Care, Right Person’ approach and discussing this with partners. I am also pleased to say we have very strong partnership working here in Leicestershire with mental health and police often forming a joint response. We want to ensure the right resource is sent to the right incidents with an ability to deliver the best service for those in need.

We continue to see a number of high- profile criminals being brought to justice and harm being taken off our streets. In spring, this included an additional prosecution of a convicted murderer for sexual assaults of women, a challenging case which got results thanks to the bravery of victims and the persistence of my officers. In tackling drugs gangs and county lines, there were prosecutions for a group operating around Market Harborough and we saw the completion of an enormous operation with our regional colleagues, Operation Club which saw 39 defendants being sentenced to more than 165 years in prison between them.

But most importantly, we have redoubled our focus on policing in neighbourhoods, visibility and supporting the communities we serve. A year or so ago we faced serious disorder and violence in parts of Leicester.

My officers and staff have been engaging, updating, investigating, and taking action daily to ensure that our communities feel confident and safe. This is our contribution, in an energetic and heartfelt way as a force, to ensure our fantastic city is remembered again for its harmony, diversity and welcoming spirit.

By Rob Nixon, Chief Constable for Leicestershire Police.

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