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Students give up alcohol for charity

by  Zoë Conville

(De Montfort University student)

Two Leicester undergraduates raised over £300 for charity by giving up alcohol for a month.

Diksha Diwan, 19, and her flatmate Karolina Zalewska, 20, from De Montfort University  joined thousands of people across the nation to take part in Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon. Both gave up alcohol for the month of January to raise funds for the charity.

Diksha Diwan, of Liberty Park Leicester, said: “My great grandparents both died from Cancer and so did my mum’s uncle a few years back, so I thought it would be a good thing to do.

“It has been quite difficult on nights out when everyone around you is drinking and trying to persuade you to do the same. It does take a lot of determination to keep at it.”

The campaigners both raised more than their individual target amounts and have collectively raised over £350.00 for Cancer Research UK.

Diksha added: “I will do it again next year because it’s a great thing to do as it can help Cancer Research with  finding ways to beat cancer.

“My drinking habits may not change drastically but I will try and get as many people as I can to join me next year. Plus, I saved a lot of money not buying alcohol.”

You can visit to register for UK Dryathlon 2015 and to calculate how much alcohol is costing you each week.


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