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“Take That Musical? Yes Please!”

You don’t have to be a Take That fan to enjoy ‘Greatest Days’ – a jukebox musical which is coming to Leicester’s Curve Theatre later this year.

Featuring songs by the popular boy band, the story is so much more than just a glittering vehicle for their famous hits. That’s according to actress Holly Ashton, who plays the character of Zoe in the show.

Pukaar caught up with her to find out more…

Picture: Greatest Days

So Holly, could you tell us a bit more about ‘Greatest Days’ and what’s at the heart of the story?
“Sure. The show follows four best friends who were obsessed with Take That in the 1990s (as many of us were!). They reunite over 20 years later and travel to Athens in order to see the band one last time, so there’s a lot of fun, but also revelations along the way about what’s happened in each of the girl’s lives since they last saw one another.

“At the heart of the story, is the strength of female friendship. Everyone looks out for each other and gives them encouragement. Actually the four friends coming back together helps them to move on with their lives and do things that they haven’t done, that perhaps they should…”

Is this a musical that’s just for women and Take That fans, or does it have a more universal appeal?
“I think women definitely connect with it. The people that it’s really sort of been hitting emotionally are the same age group demographic – women in their 40s/50s who’ve had these friendship groups for a long time and understand what female friendship is all about. I think they see themselves in the different characters and the group as a whole…

“However, we have had men who’ve said: ‘I came with the wife and just thought it was going to be about Take That, but then thought ‘wow, the story’s so much more than that -it’s really emotional’ and they end up really enjoying it. Everyone can get something out of it I think.”

Are you a Take That fan yourself and if so, what’s your favourite song?
Yes absolutely! When the audition came through from my agent, I was like ‘Take That musical? Yes please!’

It’s great hearing the songs every night but my favourite is ‘Never Forget’. It’s one of the old classics and reminds me of me being with my friends when I was younger – doing the actions and everything. That actually happens at the end of the show – everyone’s up on their feet dancing and it’s brilliant to have the audience with you doing that!”

What emotions can people expect to feel by the end of the show?
“I think they’ll come out thinking ‘oh I need to call that person I haven’t seen in a long time,’ or if they’re with their female friends I think they’re just really thankful for them and their friendship group. There definitely will have been some tears – but also a lot of laughter too. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and by the end, people will definitely come away feeling uplifted!”

Catch Greatest Days at Curve between October 23-28.

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