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Top Tips for Organising an Outdoor Wedding

There is nothing more impressive than an awe-inspiring outdoor wedding. Whether you’ve imagined having a wedding outdoors for as long as you can remember or you’ve been stirred by all of the beautiful outdoor “I do” inspiration, keep in mind that achieving an outdoor ambiance isn’t as cut and dry as its indoor counterpart.

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An outdoor wedding, as some people may assume is not a budget option. First things first, have the conversation about budgets. Find out if family are going to help fund your wedding and then always get quotations for all of the different elements so you are going into your wedding planning with your eyes open.

Having an outdoor wedding means you choose the team of suppliers you want to work with, so surround yourself with good suppliers who you feel you can work with and will help you to pull together your outdoor wedding. We at Priti Raichura Events are well versed and experienced with outdoor weddings. We also offer a comprehensive list of suppliers that can help style and bring all wedding ideas to life.

There’s something indescribable about an outdoor wedding: the unparalleled beauty of a rocky ocean shore, a romantic botanical garden, the warm familiarity of your own backyard. But as gorgeous as these sites are, there’s also a significant amount of legwork and orchestration that goes into planning an alfresco celebration. From the lighting to the menu, here’s how to pull off a flawless tented reception. Follow some of our top tips to ensure you don’t miss a thing while planning your oasis.

When it comes to your outdoor wedding setup, chances are, you will want some sort of overhead cover. The good thing about tents is that they can be pitched just about anywhere. Work with your local rental company to figure out what style fits your vision (and the venue’s spatial constraints). And make sure you choose a tent that works on your surface—pavement, grass, sand and so on.

Whether you’ve chosen a rustic spot in the woods, a small backyard or a grand, grassy lawn, make it more inviting and comfortable with lounge furniture and lots of pillows. If you don’t have room to bring in couches and plush chairs, arrange your dining area with smaller 4-person reception tables instead of larger 8 or 10 person tables to create a more intimate look and feel.

To set the mood (and help guests see each other), add things like paper lanterns, pinspot lighting, twinkling lights or stately chandeliers. Light up surrounding walkways for easy access to the bathrooms. Think: luminaries and small up-lights along the paths, and mason jars or tea lights hanging from nearby tree branches.

Incorporate the natural scenery into your decor. Add comfortable seating in the garden and play with the greenery as a backdrop for photos. Hang decorations from tree branches or include clippings from the wildflowers on your table settings.

Something you may not have thought of? You’ll want to have an electrician check out the space before lighting up your tent. Not only will they be able to make sure you pass all the proper inspection laws, but they should also be able to make recommendations as to whether you’ll need to rent an extra generator and how to safely secure your lighting fixtures.

The last thing you want is for your guests to accidentally sit on an anthill or to spend the evening swatting away mosquitos. Depending on the venue, see if you can get an exterminator in beforehand to spray or clear the area. If you’re hosting an outdoor evening ceremony, definitely add citronella candles or tiki lanterns to your outdoor wedding checklist to help ward off unwelcome pests.

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