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Visit Leicester’s New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Visit your local museum to discover the hidden treasures of Leicester and afar.


If you’re looking for a family- filled day out or wanting to gain some insightful knowledge, why not visit one of the region’s most premium museum & art galleries, New Walk. With a wide selection of galleries both historical and contemporary, there’s something for everyone.


Photo Credit: Leicester City Council
Photo Credit: Leicester City Council


Galleries include:

The Dinosaur gallery: exploring lost worlds-
For those with archaeological interest, New Walk museum is home to some of the oldest fossils in the world, some of which were featured on Sir David Attenborough’s First Life. This gallery also explores the prehistoric times when dinosaurs and other animals existed.

Ancient Egypt-
Why not delve into the history of Ancient Egypt. This gallery has one of the best collections of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the Midlands that were donated to the museum in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The gallery explores life and death, with a display of the four mummies; Pa-nesit-tawy, Pe-iuy, Bes-en-Mut and Ta-bes. Other objects explored include; food, cosmetics, building techniques and games.


Photo Credit: Leicester City Council
Photo Credit: Leicester City Council


Wild Space-
The Wild Space gallery is a spectacular vision into the natural world. Filled with an array of life-like animals that inhabit in the Antarctic, Arctic, Desert, Rainforest, under the sea, and the African Savannah, whilst investigating biodiversity and the importance of these animals to the wellbeing of the planet. With hiding tunnels and interactivity, this is an exciting gallery for both children and adults alike.


If art is something that interests you, why not have a wander around the museums personal art collections of which include:


The Victorian Art Gallery
This gallery is home to some of the major paintings of the 16th-19th centuries. Artists both British and European include, Joseph Mallord William Turner, Lord Leighton, Edgar Degas and Michael Sweerts.
The museum also has a mix of modern and contemporary artwork that has been collected over the last century and also hosts a large collection of German Expressionism.


Photo Credit: Leicester City Council
Photo Credit: Leicester City Council

Picasso Ceramics: The Attenborough Collection
This permanent exhibit shows key works from Lord Richard and Lady Sheila Attenborough’s collection which was entrusted to the museum in 2007 to commemorate the lives of their daughter Jane Mary and grand-daughter Lucy Elizabeth. The couple started purchasing Picasso ceramics in 1954 in Vallauris, France. A collection that has now reached around 150 pieces both editions and originals.

As well as the galleries within the museum, New Walk hosts a variety of events and exhibitions throughout the year. Keep an eye out for these on:

Approximately ten minutes’ walk from Leicester City Centre and Leicester train station, the museum is accessed along the pedestrianized New Walk.


Photo Credit: Leicester City Council
Photo Credit: Leicester City Council


Admission to the museum is free, there is a gift shop, costa coffee, and free wifi within the venue.

Opening times for the museum are: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday- 11am-5pm.


By Jess Sterland

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