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Whitwick joy after district council ‘green bin tax’ u-turn

by Christopher Harper

(De Montfort University student)

Locals around Whitwick are thrilled after North West Leicestershire Council announced that they plan to scrap the ‘green bin tax’ after being hugely unpopular.

The proposal came after it was announced the council had to save £1.5 million by 2016 and would have to raise prices and charge for more services.

Leon Spence, Labour County Councillor for Whitwick announced his joy at the action to scrap many of the plans that were originally announced. He said: “I am delighted the administration at North West Leicestershire have seen sense and dropped the charge from their budget proposals.”

Charges would have included a £25 green bin tax including ‘modest’ rises in other services such as car parking and council tax.

This has now froze as the council now have to save only £700,000 due to collecting more council tax than expected.

Richard Blunt, Conservative Chairman of the Council, said: “Reducing our savings target is good news for everyone in the district.

“I’m proud of our council officers for carefully planning for the future – working hard to reduce our budget without cutting services, and bringing in income wherever possible.”

The council will also be creating a £1 million fund that will be used to create more jobs, encourage more business and improve Coalville town centre.

Tracy Adams, a local florist from 2 Beaumont Road, Whitwick, said she was extremely happy with the news.

“It about time they decided to change their mind.

“People around Whitwick were really annoyed with what the council had planned.”

A report to the Cabinet will be published on Friday, January 31, setting out why the council can now reduce its forecasted savings target from £1.5 million to £700,000 for the next two years.

The full council will meet on Tuesday, February 25 in order to discuss the planned changes.

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