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“It has been an invaluable experience”

Jess Sterland began work experience with Pukaar Magazine back in February 2016.

Her phenomenal attitude to her work has rewarded Jess with an extension upon her placement and also giving the young fashion blogger the opportunity to have many of her pieces published within recent editions of the magazine.

Photo Credit: Pukaar News
Photo Credit: Pukaar News

We asked Jess what she has enjoyed about her time here at Pukaar so far, and this is what she had to say:

“Since starting at Pukaar I feel that I have already learnt a lot of invaluable experience,” said Jess.

“I was welcomed warmly to Pukaar from both Romail and Imogen and set tasks that eased me into how the agency works and gave me an understanding about the tone of voice for both the magazine and online for the news website.

“I feel comfortable seeking advice and help from Romail and Imogen who are both an inspiration to learn off.

“I feel that I have approached all tasks given to me enthusiastically without any hesitation and taken on board any feedback.

“I feel privileged to have been offered many exciting opportunities during my experience, including Interviewing Sir David Attenborough for a news piece and writing the fashion feature for the magazine which was my initial passion.

“It was great to be a part of the media at the David Attenborough opening and felt that Adam, the camera man was extremely helpful with any queries I had on the day and I really enjoyed working with him.

“Although broadcasting is not my forte, it was such an insightful experience and I got to interview some inspirational people on the day.

“Both Romail and Imogen have taught me some great writing techniques for example my news writing style wasn’t as strong but I have learnt from the advice I was given.


“I was also set a History piece for the magazine, which at first I struggled to find a good starting point for a story but was glad to follow my chosen idea through by researching, interviewing, photographing and writing up the final piece, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

“What I have loved most about working at Pukaar is no two days are the same, even though at times it was slightly challenging to write about different topics out of my comfort zone, I have learnt so much from it.

“The experience has built my confidence up in terms of different writing styles, I have loved being given the chance to try new things and the belief Romail and Imogen have had in me has really started to build my up my confidence back in writing.

“I would recommend any graduate or aspiring broadcaster and journalist to start their experience with Pukaar; the team are extremely helpful, insightful and inspirational.”

Photo Credit: Pukaar News
Photo Credit: Pukaar News

Jess Sterland

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