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“A Celebration of Humanity and Theatre”

Adam Cooper talks about reprising the role of Zach in a reimagining of ‘A Chorus Line’ –
an emotional, show stopping musical coming to Curve this summer.

For those who’ve never seen it, could you sum up ‘A Chorus Line’ and its much-loved storyline?

A Chorus Line is an iconic musical first performed in 1975, becoming Broadway’s longest running musical at the time, playing 6,137 performances.

It is set on a stage where a director/ choreographer is auditioning performers to take part in his new musical.

You’re reprising the role of Zach, which you played in 2021. Could you explain your character, his attitude and role in the show?

I play Zach the director/choreographer of the new show. He is a driven, confident leader who knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t shy away from confrontation. As well as wanting the best quality performers, he also wants to understand and know the history of his auditionees and uses the audition process to gather knowledge about their past. He drives the audition process and in the show plays much of the time from the auditorium.

How does it feel to play him?

Zach is a great role to play. We have certain similarities like being director/ choreographer and knowing what
we want in a performer, although I’m hopefully not quite as headstrong and confrontational as he is. It is also quite
a strange and lonely role to play as the interaction with the other members of the cast is long distant, as I’m away from them a lot of the time observing from the auditorium.

What are your memories of performing in ‘A Chorus Line’ the first time round? Are you looking forward to returning to Curve?

I have wonderful memories of performing in the show at Curve in 2021. It’s always exciting seeing a new production come together, but as this was the first major reimagining of
the show, and with the inspirational leadership of Nikolai Foster and Ellen Kane, it was particularly exciting and I was so honoured to be a part of it. The audiences at Curve were as enthusiastic as ever and we had a great run. I’m so glad we get to explore it again as it seemed to go so quickly last time.

Picture: Marc Brenner

What can people expect from Nikolai Foster’s production?

Well, a wonderful reimagining of the show which remains true to the original but feels much more contemporary and moving. The choreography is insanely innovative and exciting and the lighting and stage/costume design are brilliant!

Who should go and see this show and how will it make them feel by the end?

I think everyone should come and see this show because it’s not just for theatre and musical theatre lovers, but is a story about humanity. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of excitement and heartfelt struggles of people trying to find ways to deal with their past and ultimately has something for everyone.

Is the storyline quite emotional for you personally? I imagine your character goes on quite a journey?

One of the hardest things about playing Zach is to remain unaffected, or at least outwardly, by the incredible stories
of these characters. Also, the fact that a lot of the stories are taken from real life makes it even more affecting. The other great twist to the story for Zach is the emergence of one of his exes at the audition which stirs up emotions he has suppressed for a long time….

Are there any characters you resonate with on a personal level?

Obviously Zach as a character resonates with me because of our similar careers. But I think the uncertainty of all of the characters in terms of their future and what’s next and how long they can keep doing it is something all performers, especially dancers, face so I can relate to that a lot.

Picture: Marc Brenner

Why do you think the show continues to be such a success all these years on?

I think because it’s not just a show about performers and theatre, but it’s about humanity and how we all struggle at points and have self-doubt. It’s also about the wonders of coming together and making something meaningful.

What would you say to encourage people to come along and see the show?

I would say, come and see this wonderful, powerful, dynamic, emotional rollercoaster of a show because ultimately it is a celebration of humanity and theatre.

Catch ‘A Chorus Line’ at Curve between June 28 & July 13 Visit: to book your tickets.

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