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A Tasteful Broadcasting Adventure

BBC Radio Leicester’s Shruti Chauhan discusses ‘Mission Curry’ – a culinary broadcasting adventure which she went on in order to learn how to make the perfect curry – or at least one as delicious as her mum’s!

All eight episodes of Shruti’s podcast are now available on BBC Sounds, including the dramatic climax – the taste test, where she finds out if she’s succeeded in winning over her ‘masterchef’ mum (and her Dad, who’s also pretty good in the kitchen).

Picture: BBC

“Everyone loves their mum’s cooking. They always says their mum makes the best food and I definitely stand by that. Nothing quite hits the spot like my mum’s food!

“She just makes these delicious hearty curries, which are pretty basic but taste so good. The way she cooks – it’s almost effortless,” Shruti told Pukaar.

“I wanted to follow in her footsteps and learn how to make a delicious curry – one that she herself would be proud of…”

‘Mission Curry’ follows Shruti as she looks into the history of curry, the science of spices, their health benefits and how to get the best out of your ingredients.

She also explores curry hotspots right here in Leicester, and chats to top chefs from across the country (picking up some hot and spicy tips along the way).

Speaking of what she learned, Shruti was careful not to give away too much. “You’ll have to listen and see!” she teased, leaving us hungry for more…

However, the main ingredients to making a delicious curry are ‘time and passion’ she revealed.

“It’s about being thoughtful with the ingredients, using only the best and taking your time with them – making sure the onions are browned properly until the sweetness comes out and things like that.

Sometimes it can be fun to just throw ingredients together, but if you really want a brilliant, ‘class A’ curry, you’ve got to put a bit of time and thought into it.

“Give your curry love and care and attention and really respect the ingredients.

“There are so many different flavours in a dish – you don’t just dump them into a pot. You’ve got to think about how each of those ingredients are working together – how you draw out maximum flavour…”

After making ‘Mission Curry,’ Shruti says that she has a newfound appreciation for the art of cooking, and the work of top chefs like Asma Khan, Vivek Singh, Nadiya Hussain and Aktar Islam who she had the pleasure of speaking to.

On a more personal note however, she also has a newfound respect for her mum, who whips up perfection time after time in the kitchen.

“She cooks on a daily basis – sometimes several times a day and the skill with which she executes the food
is something I’ve always taken for granted,” Shruti admits.

“I did it once, but she does it time and time again and every time it tastes delicious.

“I have a newfound appreciation for cooking and the skill it requires to make something good.

“I’ve only scratched the surface of things but it’s been really inspiring, because now I’m just eager and hungry to just learn more about cooking and how you can get the best out of a dish and make something that’s truly magical.”

By Louise Steel

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