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Advertising Editorial: City Fibre — Full Fibre comes to Leicester

Today, the internet touches almost every single aspect of how we live, work, socialise, shop, and play.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, it has unlocked the door to more flexible ways of living. It is safe to say that quality digital connectivity and reliable broadband is no longer a “nice-to-have” but an essential utility.

So, what’s the solution?

Around 80% of UK homes still connect to the internet via networks built for telephones – copper networks designed to carry sound, not data.

But that is changing as CityFibre is making great progress in rolling out its next generation full fibre infrastructure within Leicester – making it one of the best-connected cities in the country.

Our networks take 100% fibre optic technology (full fibre) all the way from the home to the point of connection.

What are the benefits of full fibre?

  • Increased efficiency: significantly faster speeds for uploading and downloading.
  • No more competing priorities: near limitless bandwidth means everyone in your house can use the network simultaneously with no challenges
  • Connectivity you can depend on: fibre broadband is much more reliable.
  • Futureproofed for growing demand: once the fibre is in the ground, it’s there for good.

James Cushing, City Manager at CityFibre, said: “I am really proud of the progress we have made in rolling out our network to Leicester. Our £80 million investment will bring a real step change for connectivity in the city when it is needed most.

“We have seen a surge in demand for services and are working with our partners to bring increased choice and value for residents. I also want to thank residents and communities for their continued support as we deploy our network throughout the city.”

More good news for Leicester residents is that we now have a new internet service provider on board! Zen Internet – recently named the best broadband provider 2021 by Which? magazine. With services now live in parts of Leicester, residents are benefitting from Gigafast fibre broadband service through Zen.

CityFibre has open access networks, this means that over time you will be able to choose from a growing list of internet service providers (ISPs). Whenever we complete a section of network, ISPs will ‘light it up’ with some of the fastest and best value broadband packages available (high speed needn’t mean high cost).

Find out if you can connect to full fibre today, or register for updates to find out when we’re coming to your area at

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