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Film review: Flight

Film review: Flight

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis

Written by: John Gatins

Cast: Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Don Cheadle, Bruce Greenwood, John Goodman

Genre: Drama

Rating: ** ½

Denzel Washington returns to the big screen with a power packed performance playing the role of Whip Whitaker – an alcoholic in denial and an occasional drug user, who also happens to be an airline pilot.

While Flight is centered around a horrific plane crash, the main narrative of the film focuses on the pilot’s struggle to come to terms with his drinking problem and his ability to take responsibility for his actions.

In the first five minutes of the film you’re introduced to a naked air hostess, the pilot taking a sniff of coke, and you learn that the only relationship he has with his ex-wife and son is that of money. We see Whip stumble and lose his footing on the first step as he boards the plane, yet we are still led to believe that this man is the only pilot that was able to land a faulty aircraft to somewhat safety.

Mixed into the story is a romantic sub-plot with drug addict Nicole (Kelly Reilly), who looks far too young for our leading man and doesn’t really have much to do apart from looking pretty. Perhaps we can understand the two souls finding one another through their addictive personalities?

There’s no question that the scenes inside the aircraft at the start and at the climax standout far above the rest. And the film might possibly leave you wondering what sort of pilot is leading your flight the next time you travel abroad. 

Flight definitely tests your patience and is a slow drama that may leave you feeling slightly restless on your seat towards the end. However Denzel Washington’s Oscar-nominated performance is sure to impress.

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