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Crimestoppers to crack down on burglary in Leicestershire

The Olympics are over and Britain’s gold medal rush has left everyone with a feel good factor that is sure to live long in the memory. 

Olympians are not the only individuals who have a lust for gold and other prized possessions, with some members of the public deciding to obtain valuable goods through means of criminal activity.

Crimestoppers, the independent charity that takes information about crime anonymously, is to run a campaign in Leicestershire in October focusing on burglars who have targeted individuals, residential properties and businesses in the local area.

This campaign, which follows similar appeals in other parts of the UK, will see Crimestoppers work alongside police and local community groups.

Campaigns on the theft of Asian gold and metal theft took place over this last year
in Leicestershire, with this latest project continuing the theme of targeting those looking to gain from other people’s property.

East Midland’s regional manager for Crimestoppers, Sue Langley, said: “Burglary is a horrible crime for anyone to be a victim of because it is an invasion of their private property.

“We are very keen to help authorities clamp down on this crime and through our campaign we are reaching out to local people to contact us anonymously with information on anyone they know committing this crime. We only want to know what you know, not who you are. People can trust us to ensure they will not have to go to court or make a statement. Sadly we already know these types of crimes give criminals the resources to commit serious crimes too which means getting information on burglary, robbery or the handling of stolen goods is the type of information that really can make a difference”

Crimestoppers is always looking for volunteers to support our work and campaigns. If you are interested in playing your part in keeping your community safe, contact Sue Langley on 07818 567 696 or email

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