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Leicester Games Company Shoots for the Stars…

Kasedo Games is a Leicester company, which publishes popular computer games for a global audience.

Its most recent offering, ‘IXION’, has already achieved two international awards, ahead of its release. 

Nestled in the offices of the city’s Phoenix Square, a team of publishers have been working away on the release of an ambitious new game  – a thrilling new space opera, where players can explore the stars, tasked with finding a new home for humanity…

IXION achieved notable success this Summer, after being named as ‘Best Strategy Game’ at Germany’s Gamescom awards, as well as the NYX International Gaming Awards.

Securing the accolades is the proudest moment of Kasedo Games’ 13 year history, according to its managing director, Jonathan Hales.

“When you have industry experts judging your game against the very best of the others that are out there, and deciding it’s the best, it means a lot,” he said. “It just shows that people believe in you, and recognise all the hard work you’ve put in.”

IXION, which combines city building, with survival and space exploration, is the brainchild of Bulwark Studios, a French company which Kasedo Games is a majority shareholder in. However it is Jonathan and his team who have helped get it out into the world.

Jonathan said it was the “ambitious and challenging” nature of IXION, which made it stand out at awards, as well as its narrative, and “stunning visuals.”

However, he also feels that the “emotional investment” that the game draws out of players, is another huge part of its appeal.

“It’s all about game play too. We want the player to feel engrossed, consumed and actually have a feeling of concern and worry when they’re playing,” he told Pukaar. “We want them to ask themselves ‘am I making the right choices?,’ and ‘what affect are those choices going to have on the game and the people that are in it?

“The feedback we’ve had from players, is that they do get engrossed and they feel that there’s something quite special going on within the game,” he added. “There’s been a lot of buzz about it.”

IXION, released on November 16, has been in production for the past three years, and 

Jonathan said that he was excited about finally sharing it with the world.

“For the players to finally be able to play, is so exciting. Ultimately that’s why we build the games,” he revealed.

“Having the press talk about it and give it a score is obviously important for us, but ultimately it’s whether the player likes it. If they do, that’s the big pay off.”

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