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Rob Nixon: Love and Challenges of the Job

Rob Nixon, the new Chief Constable for Leicestershire Police, discusses his love of the job as well as some of its challenges as we head into 2023. 

Picture: Leicestershire Police

“The winter is upon us and with that brings new challenges to policing. We continue to remind people of what precautions to take during these darker nights and my teams are working hard to prevent burglary and violent crime. I know how devastating it can be to be burgled so please ensure you keep your property secure and take precautions if you are leaving your house empty.

During the Autumn the Force has undertaken operations such as County Lines and Op Sceptre (anti-knife crime) and dealt with a number of large court cases. This was on the back of a period of time when we were managing the disorder in East Leicester, providing extra reassurance patrols and stretching our resources and is a testament to all of the police officers and staff who worked extra shifts in order to support all of this pro-active police work.

The disorder in East Leicester may feel a long time ago now but our investigators are still working hard to ensure that those who broke the law face the consequences of their actions. This work continues as does the engagement with the people of East Leicester, ensuring an open dialogue that means we don’t find ourselves back where we were in September with crime and disorder on our streets. I want to offer my continued thanks to all of the community leaders and influencers who continue to work with us to ensure we understand the issues faced by our communities.

I am of course delighted to tell you that I have been offered the permanent role as Chief Constable following a recruitment process with the Police and Crime Commissioner. I joined Leicestershire Police 29 years ago and continue to serve the cities and counties I love.

I believe I have the best job and I am thankful for this opportunity. My focus as Chief for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland is straightforward: to strengthen trust and confidence in the job the police do, to give a top quality service to the people we serve, with high standards, professionalism and respect.”

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