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Songstress SOFY is Hitting All the Right Notes

When you look at her musical CV, it’s hard to believe that Leicestershire songstress SOFY, has only been making music since 2021…

The 25-year-old, began penning songs during the year’s lockdown, and since then has gone on to notch up a string of enviable achievements. Upon release, her quirky ‘alt-pop’ tunes caught the ear of BBC Introducing, who were soon touting her as one of the most promising new artists in the UK.

As a result, SOFY’s demos were played on Radio 1, and she even landed a set at Glastonbury last summer, treating the crowd to catchy hits like ‘Lads! Lads! Lads!’ and ‘Strawberry Milkshake’.

Picture: Vzavz

“It was amazing – a dream come true,” she told Pukaar. “It happened to be my birthday as well, so it was crazy walking out into a packed tent. I wasn’t expecting the tent to be full, and everyone sang happy birthday to me, which was so surreal. Definitely a birthday I’ll never forget!”

Despite her Glastonbury appearance however, SOFY says that her most exciting achievement so far, is having one her songs, ‘Big Talk’, featured on the soundtrack to FIFA 23 – a popular video game franchise she grew up playing.

“I used to play FIFA loads when I was a little kid, and I actually discovered some of my favourite bands on there,” she revealed.

“I think it’s the first place I ever heard Blur, and Easy Life as well, so it feels like a really nice full circle moment to have my song on there as well – a dream come true really!”

SOFY, who grew up in Braunston, began writing songs after being furloughed during the 2021 lockdown.

“I’ve always liked music and I’ve always been passionate about it. However, I don’t have any formal music training, so I just didn’t really think it would be an option for me,” she said.

Then when I got furloughed from my office job, I just had loads of time on my hands so I was like ‘I’ll see if I can write a song. Then I just fell in love with it’, and here I am today!

SOFY has recently released her second EP ‘Bored in Colour (Pt.2)’.

Carrying on from her debut ‘Bored in Colour (Pt.1)’, she describes the six song collective, as a “refined extension of her sound.”

From the intimate, stripped back ‘btw’ through to ‘Egomaniac’ with its infectious indie quirks, the EP has you hanging on to every word, as SOFY’s personality and humour shines throughout.

“Once I started writing songs, it opened up a whole new world for me and I found I had quite a lot to say. I’m always thinking about a million things at once but have never really been one to write them down until I discovered songwriting,” she said.

“The whole ‘Bored in Colour’ project definitely feels like a first diary entry in a way – a window into the weird running social commentary that’s on my mind 24/7, and a collection of my thoughts and experiences so far.

“Although the overall concept remains consistent with Part 1, Part 2 definitely feels like an evolution of my sound, meshing upbeat indie and brit-pop with the wonky alt-pop and hip-hop influences of the first EP.”

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By Louise Steel