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The Accessibility of Wealth Management

Correction and clarification: We have updated our article from our print version of edition 37 on page 31 with a clearer explanation from Matthew Lowe. The new quotes in this article are to ensure clarity for those that are looking to utilise the services of wealth management consultant’s at Mattioli Woods. The quotes in this updated online article now better reflect the true meaning and intention of advice given by the consultants at Mattioli Woods plc, which is to provide accessible and professional guidance when it comes to money management and investing. Please see the updated article below. All investments carry a degree of risk and any investment decisions should be taken with appropriate advice.

– Pukaar Magazine


Mattioli Woods is a leading provider of wealth management services in the UK and has offices up and down the country from London to Aberdeen. Their Leicester office, as many locals will have seen, sits comfortably in place of the old city council building just off New Walk. The Mattioli Woods Group was founded in 1991 by Ian Mattioli and Bob Woods and has developed into a well-recognised and respected business. They help over 10,000 clients manage assets of over £9.3 billion, providing them with administration and advice.

We spoke to Matthew Lowe, one of the company’s Wealth Management Consultants, to learn from his expertise on who can benefit from these kinds of services. Matt has been a part of the Mattioli Woods team since 2013 and originally started out as a Client Relationship Manager, helping clients in administering bespoke pension scheme arrangements. Now, as a consultant, he looks at how best to achieve his clients’ financial objectives.

“Both individuals and business owners alike seek our expert knowledge to aid them in achieving their financial aspirations,” Matthew explains. “It’s important to understand that wealth management is not exclusive to the ultra-high net worth. In fact, it can be appropriate for individuals at all stages of life who are wishing to maximise financial opportunities available to them, in line with their own circumstances and objectives.”

Matthew Lowe – Image Credit: Mattioli Woods

“This could be someone at the start of their financial journey looking to create wealth with a view to supporting their goals, or perhaps they are later in life and looking to pass on a legacy through multi-generational planning. Often this involves consideration of a potential business exit in the future.”

“It’s always worth approaching us to see if there’s assistance we can offer”, Matthew said.

“There is no one set of circumstances that we require to help clients and I’d never want to put a figure on how much wealth someone should be starting out with when looking for financial help; it’s much more important to first establish what a client might be looking to achieve.”

With uncertainties stemming from the ongoing pandemic and related concerns around the global economy, many individuals could be averse to placing new investments. Matthew is cautious of having an overly negative view, however, and instead stresses that a client’s individual circumstances and goals remain the key driver of whether and how to invest.

“Providing the client has suitable timescales, investing is, in principle, likely to be worthwhile. Whether this is the case depends, in part, on the client’s attitude to risk and this is something we discuss with them and formally evaluate, before recommending a way forward.”

“Whilst in the past there may have been a general perception of financial advisors as somewhat transactional, our view of client relationships is different. We take a long-term approach to forming lasting relationships with the individuals and businesses that we help, and this often means that we aid multiple generations of the same family.”

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