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The Allure of a Luxury Treetop Escape…

There’s something enchanting about the idea of staying in a treehouse. Perhaps it’s the childhood nostalgia of climbing trees and building forts, or the allure of a secluded and unique experience. Whatever the reason may be, treehouses have become popular for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life…

In our neighbouring county of Lincolnshire, lies a hidden gem which many residents have been visiting in order to re-kindle their childhood memories, and unplug from their busy, daily lives.

‘Treetop Hideaways’ of Woodhall Spa, has been enticing guests from across Leicestershire with its magical treehouse experience. Here, six treetop hideaways sit in 17 acres of stunning woodland – each with its own unique theme.

Picture: Treetop Hideaways

Treetop Hideaways is the brainchild of Jenny Caswell, who opened the site in June 2021, in an area of woodland which had been in her family for generations.

Her dream was to create a unique and special space for people to recharge and reconnect with their inner child – something which she believes is important, especially in this busy, modern age.

“There is such passion and emotion around the word ‘treehouse’. Everyone remembers a treehouse from their childhood and I think that’s a big part of the appeal,” she said.

“I think it’s a bit of a childhood dream – climbing the steps to your very own treehouse and having that space to relax in – one which comes complete with a hammock and your very own fire pit to toast marshmallows on. Those kind of things are perfect for reconnecting with your inner child – something we should all try to do from time to time…”

Treetop Hideaways offers guests the chance to escape the pressures of the real world for a while – inviting them to disappear into a unique space that’s soaked in simple luxury and warm, rustic charm.

When guests climb the steps leading up to their treetop hideaway, they are greeted with views up in the treetop canopy, which overlooks a beautiful meandering lake. Then there’s the excitement of opening the treehouse doors and seeing nature mirrored inside – the vaulted ceilings with beams resembling a majestic tree, and handmade decor made from the very trees on the property…

Picture: Treetop Hideaways

Sumptuous throws and cushions add an element of luxury to each treehouse, together with log burners, and spacious outdoor bathtubs.

If their inner Huckleberry Finn is wanting adventure, guests are able to access a private rowing boat, which is anchored to the mooring platform. It’s ready to go and explore the twists and turns of the lake and the overhanging branches where all sorts of birds and animals hide out…

It sounds like an absolute dream – the perfect mix of luxury, charm, novelty and adventure.

“The peace and relaxation is what a lot of people love about staying here, they just love to switch off and embrace the simplicity,” Jenny revealed.

“It’s the rustic living, combined with those luxury touches which keep customers come back time and again. From the moment we opened, we’ve been nearly fully booked the whole time. The response has been amazing.

We don’t put TVs in our treehouses, and we don’t put clocks in. We just think time is irrelevant and want to encourage people to switch off from the outside world when they’re here – just live in the here and now amongst the beauty of nature.

Treetop Hideaways is set to feature on the opening episode of Channel 4’s Grand Designs later this year, after being picked out by producers.

When Kevin McCloud and his team arrived, they were blown away by the beauty of the site. The film crew took some amazing drone footage of the lakes and woodland before homing in on ‘Kingfisher’s Perch,’ where Mr McCloud filmed his piece.

It will be used as an introduction to the new series of Grand Designs to set the ethos of the show.

“It was amazing that they chose us and amazing that they wanted to film here,” said Jenny. “Treetop Hideaways is the first of its kind in Lincolnshire, and there aren’t many around in neighbouring counties like Leicestershire, so it’s just something a little bit different.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve managed to create, and can’t wait to welcome new guests over the summer!”

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