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The best of Leicester is. . .

Online businessman John Hill is the creator of the best of Leicester, the ultimate guide to the city of Leicester.

Online businessman John Hill

When The Best of Leicester was created, John Hill had an important mission in mind and that was to search out Leicester “gems” and put them all in a unique and free online guide: leicester

Since its release to the present day, the main objective has been to promote and offer powerful and effective internet advertising to local businesses and offer the latest news about the city’s most exciting events.

Talking about the company’s soul, owner of the Leicester site, John Hill, says: “Our aim is to provide the best place to find a recommended company that you can rely on and see that they are providing a great service to their customers already.”

The Best of Leicester act as a voice for people from across Leicester recommending local businesses that stand out on customer service, price and for going out of their way to keep them happy.

It is a free space where consumers are able to write reviews about their favourite restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, etc. They are given the chance to let other members discover new local companies.

The website encourages clients to run offers on a regular basis so users can be sure of good deals to back up the service. These are free for users to print off and go and use in the local independent business they relate to.

For many years, great local brands such as Dominoes Toys, Lords Electrical, Woods Coaches have found their own space in the Best of Leicester, and Hill and his team are currently working with some of Leicester’s favourite teams such as Leicester Riders Basketball Team.

One of the businesses that got a helping hand from The Best of Leicester is Kibworth Dance Centre. Principal Felicity Peberdy says: “It’s hard to put into words the gratitude that I  feel towards John Hill and Thebestof. I  can honestly say I’m not sure I  would still have a dancing school, without the advice and encouragement John has given me.”

The site includes a comprehensive events guide where web users can see all that’s going on in and around Leicester, they can link up with the The Best of Leicester on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to its email newsletter where they will send users four offers to try every week along with the latest upcoming events.

Reflecting on his job helping independent businesses to succeed, John Hill says: “Our Buy Local campaign is also very active just look out for our stickers that tell you that a business is an independent in the city. By using our own independent businesses we help to boost our local economy and we get to keep those great individual shops and services that are becoming too rare and we lose the choice they offer.”


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