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Bollywood Beauties

Pukaar sits down with the director of Leicester based R&R Productions Rebecca Gingell and Rebecca Fowler to talk about their new Bollywood dance studio.

R&R Productions burst on to the dance market in 2009 when director, Rebecca Gingell and co-director, Rebecca Fowler decided it was time to combine forces and offer something unique to the entertainment industry. Both Rebeccas met at Ann Oliver’s Dance School where they both dreamt of becoming full-time performers. Though a partnership was not initially on the agenda the two girls soon decided to setup on their own.

After a few years of freelance working the two girls crossed paths again and decided to go it alone, taking the plunge with a new business venture. Originally they began as a duo, setting first dances for couples at weddings. As their popularity grew they decided it was time to expand and recruit more dancers. R & R Productions was soon founded, and became an increasingly popular form of entertainment. This 15 strong troupe have not only been a national success, they have also performed internationally. This is significant because of their non-Asian roots.

Only a few weeks ago the company added another event to their impressive portfolio. As guest performers at this year’s Leicester’s Got Talent, the troupe were the talk of the audience as they left for yet another performance in the south of the country. Co- director of the company, Rebecca Fowler said: “We are very often booked for weddings and conferences, our diary is fully booked up until the end of January.”

Between the group of dancers, there is a compelling bond that simply mesmerises any audience. The girls have travelled as far as Malaysia together and often live a nomadic lifestyle from one performance to the next. The R & R Productions family have high hopes for the future keeping a eye out for new dancers. They hope to expand in order to be able to offer more classes in the local area.

From Hollywood to Bollywood the company perform a range of styles and offer a bespoke service. The company also performs at parties for those who love to dance and want to have an event to remember. The members of R & R Productions have professional backgrounds in dancing with many of them performing on the West End and national theatres up and down the country. The group is very versatile in style but specialise in showgirl routines, cabaret and Bollywood performances. The company hopes to expand the Bollywood aspect of their performances and take future bookings that will add more credit to their reputation. The company has performed at a number of corporate events and the highlight of their career last year, was a performance at the Diamond Jubilee Concert. Once you have seen them perform, you will know why these girls are hot news in the world of dance.

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