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Mental Health and Leadership

Rafique Patel Operating Partner of multi office Bond Adams LLP solicitors’ shares his leadership knowledge in fast paced environments, having been involved in management since 2004.

Law firms like many sectors are becoming increasingly fast paced.

Third parties send messages at all hours of the day. Phone calls are made rather than in writing, so capturing information is difficult. Here he talks about some key points on running a busy legal practice and developing colleagues.

Customers in writing

Try to capture information in writing. Phone tennis is stressful and draining. An email sits on your system and it does with your customer, allowing good brisk communication. It also alleviates stress. Having information at your fingertips is key.

Short calls and meetings

I start at 7am. I don’t want to be home beyond 6pm and I don’t take calls after 6pm, so make your calls and meetings meaningful, short and to the point in the day. Having lengthy meetings, puts you at further pressure. Control a meeting and move it on point by point. Do not let meetings labour into side meetings

taking place where focus is lost. Resting the brain is critical, hence make the best use of your day.

Support colleagues

Is your door open? My door and that of managers availability has to be constantly open. We have a Partner in charge of training and education also. Encourage staff to raise anxieties and come out of their comfort zone. It’s a key journey to developing strength of character. Often junior colleagues do not step forward to raise operational issues. Encouragement to do so is very important.

Invest in technology

we have the same case management system used
at magic circle law firms. We have outsourced our IT department to a key multinational tech company – it’s key to rapid and quick communication, rather than stressful phone tennis. However, also pick up the phone when you need to. Misunderstandings can arise through in writing only with colleagues.

Go for a walk at lunch time and take a break

I can’t get to do it as often as I would like, but give your body a break. The brain needs periods of rest for it to properly function and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

These may appear to be small matters but are key to living with a meaningful work and life balance as the pace of business transactions continues to gather pace. Mental health is mental wealth.

Rafique Patel, Senior Partner – Bond Adams solicitors

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