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Emma Gill, founder of luxury fashion brand Emma Semento talks to Pukaar Magazine about the exciting journey she’s been on over the past few months.  

It’s been almost a year since Leicester-based entrepreneur Emma Gill left behind the corporate world to start her own opulent fashion brand. Following months of strategic planning, networking, photo shoots and trips to India, Emma has proven that self-motivation and tireless determination goes a long way.

Developing the brand’s identity, Emma has been working hard to target the luxury market, and back in May had the exciting opportunity to exhibit at The Elite London. An event that offers premium lifestyle brands to showcase their products and services to an exclusive audience.

Photo Credit: Emma Gill

“It’s a unique and high-spec event and it was great to showcase the Emma Semento brand to our target market. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been the one visiting exhibitions around the world, so it was quite daunting to be on the other side. But everyone was wonderful and really receptive.”

Showcasing a selection of Semento gowns, Emma gained a positive response to her East meets West designs. The combination of colourful, detailed materials and western- inspired styles is what sets the brand aside: “One of my very first designs- a black and gold kaftan style dress has become somewhat of a Semento trademark and proved popular at the event. We’ve now started to make it in an array of colours, and it seems to be working really well.”

Emma enthusiastically reveals that The Elite event has opened up doors which have included signing with a concierge service in London and styling opportunities for the media: “Over the last few months there’s been a real buzz on social media and my work phone is no longer redundant. I also have lots of exciting meetings booked in over the next couple of months.”

With a keen eye for current trends and a knack for knowing exactly what her clients want, Emma Semento prides itself on making women feel confident: “I want my clients to walk into a room wearing a glamorous Emma Semento and radiate confidence, and it seems to be working.”

Having made the bold decision to set up her own business, Emma reflects back on what the experience has taught her: “I’ve learnt how to be resilient and self-motivated during quieter periods because no-one is going to bring in that business but me. Being a one-man-band has been challenging but also really enjoyable; I’m learning, growing and becoming more experienced.

“This venture has taken me on so many different paths and I’m really enjoying the journey, and excited as to where Emma Semento will lead.”

By Jessica Challoner-Sterland 

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