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Wedding Theme Inspiration

Have you decided on a theme for your wedding?

If not, perhaps we can give you more confidence.

For this edition, we’ve compiled a lengthy list of distinctive wedding themes that may be customised to suit a variety of tastes and wedding aesthetics.

Popular Wedding Themes

Let’s look at some of the most popular wedding themes for today’s soon-to-wed couples before diving into all the options available, whether you’re classic or innovative, glam or retro, alternative or boho-inspired:

Formal modern, first: With this elegant wedding theme that incorporates contemporary design elements, stick to the fundamentals.

Tall centrepieces, crystal chandeliers, and draped textiles will complete this elegant appearance.

Classic glam: A classic glam celebration is brilliant and extravagant, with opulent touches throughout, including the location and décor.

Metallics are frequently added to monochromatic colour schemes to give sparkle and elegance.

Natural: To celebrate the splendour of nature throughout your wedding day, think about having it in an outdoor courtyard.

Eco-friendly wedding accents like edible favours and a sustainable exit help give your natural wedding atmosphere some sustenance.

Conventional Wedding Themes

You probably go towards conventional, classic wedding themes if you’re a traditional, classic person.

Yet “classic” and “traditional” don’t necessarily mean “boring”!

There are many wedding themes that will offer you the traditional appearance and feel you desire while still feeling thrilling and one-of-a-kind, including:

Winter wonderland: A winter wonderland theme can make your winter wedding reception sparkle like snow.

To create this enchanting look, use seasonal decorations, snowflakes, and glitter.

Autumn foliage: Think burgundy, gold, and forest green when choosing colours for your wedding.

Modern Classic Wedding Themes

Modern minimalism: Focus on the happy couple rather than excessive decoration to cut down on distractions.

With this straightforward theme, less is more as it employs forms, geometry, and little bursts of colour to come to life.

Mid-century modern: Incorporate this retro (but still modern) design style in your wedding decor with retro tablescapes and burnt orange furnishings.

Enjoy Art Deco with gold decorations, glistening sequins, feathers, and plenty of bubbly. Art Deco is a style that never goes out of style.

For a chic art deco style, use a wedding colour palette of white, gold, and black.

Traditional Glamour Wedding Themes
Stylish estate:
For your wedding and celebration, old world glam takes centre stage on the expansive estate grounds.

For an exquisite and sophisticated appearance, dress up your wedding tent with linens, lighting, and floating flowers.

Traditional table decorations, including rose and peony bouquets, are included in the classic romance wedding theme, which also features a gentle, delicate colour scheme of pinks and golds.

Candlelight and cosy seats will help you create a romantic atmosphere for your visitors.

Vineyard elegant: With a vineyard chic celebration, wine lovers can make bubbly a significant part of their wedding day.

Consider holding your ceremony and reception at a real vineyard and using wine bottles and corks as imaginative decor to make your idea come to life.

Traditional Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic: Play up natural features or homey decor for a rustic theme, which is popular for outdoor weddings (like plenty of greenery and mason jar floral arrangements).

Country: Have a ranch-style wedding with cowboy boots and country music.

If your venue permits it, you can even include ranch activities like hayrides and horseback riding.

Rustic-meets-vintage wedding style known as “shabby chic” is all about romantic, supple textures and cosy hues.

By using vintage light fixtures and centrepieces for decoration, you can reinvent something that was previously outdated.

Farm-to-table: Make meals the highlight of your day by evoking an outside setting with natural furnishings and seasonal menu items.

Consider using an earthy colour scheme and fruit and vegetable-centered centrepieces.

Traditional Themes for Destination Weddings

Tropical: Embracing the island mood doesn’t need being married on the sand.

Construct a tropical wedding with lush palms, exotic flowers, and conch shells, and encourage guests to dress accordingly with resort clothing.

Nautical: Choose a wedding theme that honours the open waters to firmly establish your love.

Decorate your party with soothing blues, light linens, and succulent seafood stations.

Beach: If you’ve always imagined saying your vows with your toes in the sand and your feet bare, a beach wedding is for you!

Make a wedding arch out of dried poms to embrace the coastline with your décor and bouquet.

Innovative Themes for Seasonal Weddings

Glamping in the summer is a fun way to have a relaxed wedding with a glamorous flair.

For a unique summer camp experience, dress up a barn or backyard location with feminine furniture and lively food stations.

Midsummer: Host a floral-themed celebration in the summer to commemorate the Swedish Midsummer festival.

Make floral crowns and wreaths while having a picnic during the day with your guests.

Innovative and glitzy wedding themes

Royal wedding: Use this elegant wedding theme to evoke Meghan Markle’s grace and the traditions of the British royal family.

This is made to appear authentically fashionable with the help of myrtle flowers, London art, tiaras, and tea.

Desert chic: Combine upscale bohemian features with desert plants to create an earthy glam style with a hint of boho.

This is the ideal summer wedding motif for the scorching western climate.

To complement the concept, send guests home with a succulent wedding favour.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Tiffany Blue is the epitome of luxury for your wedding colour scheme.

Play up the late great Audrey Hepburn’s ageless elegance with white and black accessories for this elegant wedding theme.

Storybook-inspired Wedding Themes
Harry Potter:
If you’ve ever fantasised about visiting Hogwarts, a magical ball wedding theme might be right for you.

Have a celebration that would make Potter happy by pulling out your wand, spellbooks, and chocolate frogs.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Throw a romantic, Shakespearean- inspired wedding in the midst of summer, complete with fairy lights, greenery, and a focus on romance and alcohol.

With this Alice in Wonderland-inspired garden party theme, you may send your guests down a rabbit hole.

Combine the style with quirky accents like clocks, playing cards, pocket watches, and pastels.

Instead of using tacky themes, choose a sophisticated fairytale that is full of romance.

Make use of the pink and white colour scheme.

By Priti Raichura, multi-award winning luxury event planner.


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